Last Post

So this was my course blog for a great course – what is going to happen to it? I was struggling thinking I might take it offline as it is not continued and cyberwaste – well I certainly won’t do this now i.e. Hans or Teemu are thinking writing about a paper. So this is now open to anyone who might be interested – maybe not needed at all. Are you interested in learning about OER? Next course is starting soon!


What did I learn

It was great to join this course and I am very grateful for this possibility! I think I learned quite a bit about open educational resources as a concept, about tools I could use and things I have to remember (interoperability, licenses etc.) when actually using or producing OER. The last three weeks were also fun – testing and producing own resources was a hands-on experience I wouldn’t want to miss.

After all the positive remarks one thing – to be quite honest – I would have preferred to be asked about an extra week. Maybe it would have made more sense to include the comment request into the assignments the weeks before. A synchronous meeting in the beginning would been a real thrill šŸ™‚

Thanks anyway to Hans and Teemu and all of you that you made it happen!

Second try – vidipedia

Okay, they tell me straigtht away how to do it- just like youtube – cool (and I think the licence is okay). Looks like sth new – there’s no FAQ so far.

Anyway this is it: —-

Few minutes later: right – it wasn’t that easy, looks like we got problems with the flash player here. Funny…

Few minutes later: okay, I need a flv file (reason for Umberto Eco not working?) – great! Will be back.