So subtitles need the right keyboard

Well I couldn’t find the question mark but still I was really impressed about subdot being so intuitive (except that I didn’t get the language selection right – but that seems to be quite common). I got a typo (hear – here), which I can’t correct anymore 😦 and at one point I didn’t allow enough time – but in all, that was a good experience. As you know from the days before – wordpress won’t take more than a link – so here it is.

But my silent picture on youtube I may show here:

P.S. I just found that in the YouTube help:

Can I embed a specific YouTube video on an external site?
People who post their original material on YouTube and allow the embedding function to work are implicitly allowing other users to embed their video on other sites. If a user has allowed embedding of a video, you can embed the video link on your webpage or blog. You can find out how to embed videos here.

Well – I wasn’t asked to activate the embed function while uploading a video – so this is a default. But under sharing option you really get to say this. I tried with my introduction video of post 1 and it works, the video is not longer available as an embedded video.


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