Third try – flv

Oh wow – more than comfy for me: teacher’s tube told me what I should use for my wordpress blog … tricked – i thought it would be easy but I haven’t got my own installation but a hosted one. So this is what the guys and girls from wp tell me – and yes I completely understand but should I give up?

BTW I liked this one a lot! digital natives – still don’t think all is true but very interesting.

I post this you tube here – hoping that Raquel is okay with me doing that – a very interesting intro into the legal aspects of OER 🙂 So I think Raquel is on a meeting in Spain which discusses OER in Europe. She definitely works in the University of Catalonia, School of Law and Political Science.

Liked this one


2 thoughts on “Third try – flv

  1. I really enjoy reading your blog. Thank you.

    One comment related to this specific post. Who are the people speaking in the video? What was the event?

    I think this is a good example why metadata is so important when the amount of “data” grows with the speed it does nowadays. I started to watch the video, but because I do not know “Raquel” (I assume this is the name of the person in video) or the gentleman sitting next to her, I simply quit because I am not able to contextualize their talk.

    Please, le us know a bit more about the video. Who are the people giving a talk in it? Who they are talking to? What was the event? When and where?

    – Teemu

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