Podcast – various tries

Hi – sorry I’m late – I’was sick the whole weekend – here’s the view out of my Window.

So unfortunately I got a problem with wordpress and ogg vorbis – it’s not considered as a safe file format even if there’s an audio possibility in the media library, so I’m on my way to look for futher possibilities.

Well finally I created a free podcast site on mypodcast.com which means it has got an ad before my unprofessional voice – but there it is – it’s not filtered or anything, I will look into this I promise. But listen yourself… The bad thing about mypodcast – it did not accept ogg either. I changed it to mp3 which makes me feel bad. I will do some research on that – but that was frustrating. Is it true ipods don’t accept ogg either? Well after this experience it wouldn’t suprise me.

The other thing was – I did link back to the German CC license but there wasn’t a possibility to include the picture which I always find really handy.


One thought on “Podcast – various tries

  1. I guess it is a general phenomena: my recorded voice seems strange to me also. Though others don’t feel the same way when hearing my voice. Who knows perhaps it is because you don’t hear it that often to get used to it ? Here are some explanations – don’t know if they are scientifically correct though πŸ™‚

    Don’t know which ipod you have but here are specs to the apple models. E.g. the iPod nano (Third Generation) does not support ogg. But here it says: that the firmware should be able in the future to support more audio formats – let’s just see.

    Erkan YILMAZ

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