Taking and sharing pictures – easy? Well…

Hi everybody – it’s great to see your photos, I want more of them!

For this week I read all about the rule of third in the photo composition guide – when I realised my cheesy camera actually has a cross in the middle and I have to imagine the thirds – still I kept that in mind. I read on and finally I did try the diagonal line (see underneath). I continued reading in wikimedia. Still I’m not convinced if my pictures will ever meet the high quality standards of wikimedia featured pictures – but I think it is still not to bad.

I was waiting for the weather to change but eventually I got myself persuaded that I should just grap my camera and take some photos. Right – this was actually more fun than I thought. I’m not really into taking photos – but today I did actually realize how much more you see when you try to find a motif:

I realized that there were two magnolias in the park P1010029

and there were bunnies all over!


So these photos were nothing I really cared about – I just took them. The scene is set in a small park about five minutes from my house. It’s actually one of the few spots in Mannheim which is quite pretty – Mannheim is a heavy industrial town otherwise. The main sight of my town I put on Wikimedia Commons (with a bit cropping etc.) Wasserturm Mannheim – it’s one of 60 other photographs picturing the same tower – still I thought it might be a bit different with the art nouveau lantern. The tower was used for keeping a water reserve for the town until 2002 or so. More here

Before I put this photo there I had put two photos on Flickr and on their map – they show the building of the art gallery just opposite the art nouveau water tower. It has got a sculpture on top.

I didn’t upload them to Wikimedia as I had read about not uploading photos of sculptures to Wikimedia Commons – so I didn’t. I had checked before – and it seems to be okay for German law (‘freedom of panoram’) but as I wasn’t sure about it – it was explecitly stated that this is different in other countries I decided I shouldn’t use CC licences on them – not to harm anybody else. What do you think?


P.S. I like this sculpture a lot (the Artist is Hubertus von der Goltz)- and I was so happy when I got that bird there! So in the end I spent more time on this then I thought. Taking and editing the photos was okay – i do that quite regulary with the website at work. Playing with the flickr map was fun – and in all I really enjoyed this week’s assignment!

P.P.S Whenever I look for photos I use Flickr – I tried Google CC Search once but you can’t limit it to images, can you? Well in the future it’s definiteley Wikimedia, too.


2 thoughts on “Taking and sharing pictures – easy? Well…

  1. Great pictures. That’s an interesting comment you made about sculpture images. I hadn’t thought about the copyright issues related to images of art. It’s an interesting area for more study. Thank you.

  2. Hi Barbara
    You have beautiful blog page and pictures. Here is my comment on your blog:
    “I will move now to a more artistic theme and discuss the beautiful blog of Barbara concerning taking and sharing pictures. The first thing which attracted my attention is the beautiful arrangement of her Page which added more touch of beauty to her artistic blog. So, Barbaras’ Blog and beuatiful images contributed together to make her blog interesting. The scene of the sculpture and the tower were beautiful but I am wondering how it will be fantastic if we could see the whole tower with the scene around it, the same thing is for the Sculpture. Anyhow Brbara’s images reflected a high acuracy. She was sucessfel in the links she made to add more concentration on her subject”

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