Le Mill – Wikiversity – further thoughts and impressions


Right, now the server answers in a reasonable time. So here are my further impressions. I still thing that LeMill is a very nice and thought through environment. After I read where it came from (EU Project) I understood why there is a lot of content deriving of Eastern European countries. It made me curious cause I know next to nothing about our new EU partners I have to admit. Well – naturally I was confronted with a language problem pretty soon. I find it great to have a multilingual Europe – but on the other hand it does create problems.

My first content is an image in LeMill – I like the tag idea and I think this is reasonable. One word for methods which I was very curious about – other then at the content area tags did not do it for me here. I would have prefered a kind of hierachy.

Usability here is pretty much okay – still not intuitive.

On the other hand the impression of abandonment of before didn’t vanish. I added a link in a discussion group that interested me. But this one was a one person group (that now has two persons :-)) I pretty much doubt he will come along and interact with me. I would say, the rss feed is not enough for a forum discussion – you need email notification.

Conclusion: good intention, needs more active participants and a “Recent changes” area (maybe I didn’t see it?)


I have used Wikis before so I chose LeMill for my exploration. But I have to say I love Wikis and the way of collobaration there. I’m not very good in designing pages but when I come along a site in Wikipedia with a broken link of sth which I’m sure of – I do try to help. Wikis are not everything but for a start: collaborationg via wikis is quite handy. Not so good for discussions sometimes – so I’d combine it with a forum if an in-depth discussion is needed.


2 thoughts on “Le Mill – Wikiversity – further thoughts and impressions

  1. Hello Barbara,

    there are extensions available to do features as in forums. See e.g. an example here and this is the used extension. As it is with all extensions they must be enabled first. We have a discussion regarding this at the German Wikiversity at the moment.

    Also there is a nice gadget at English Wikiversity which might help you. See here for a test screen please – that gadget works only when you activate it in your preferences.

    tags at wikimedia projects are done by adding them to categories. It might not so easy to see for newcomers in general and also finding the correct category. But there are others (the invisible hands) who do this then for them πŸ™‚

    Erkan YILMAZ

  2. Hi –
    yes I see your point and I saw the discussion sites in Wikiversity. Still I find some forum features quite handy (folding / unfolding; push-features etc) that I haven’t seen in wiki extensions.
    what you were on about tags, I don’t have a clue as I wrote about LeMill and not about Wikiversity.

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