Commentary on the Projects

OpenLearn – great resources for self-learners as there are full courses and even prorgrams which you can take. A login is required to join in the activities but you are also able to retrieve the mostly textual content without registration – I find that great, so you know what you give your personal data for).
Reusing: you may and most times it’s even allowed to remix the content – which makes it a Level III resource. So this is also interesting for teachers πŸ™‚ Non-commercial use only. Packaging in standards such as SCORM and IMS.

On the other hand if you want the services such as qualifications – you need to pay. No uploads it’s their own publishing page. Common language is English.

Connexions – reusable objects. Collaboratively developing and sharing is enhanced. Thought to be very modular – so in my eyes a good resource for teachers looking for content. Licensing is in CC – so you may or may not reach Level I, II or III.

MIT Open Courseware – very varying in the content. Mostly propriatery formats as PDF etc. Still interesting as I think of MIT as high quality.

LeMill– first one I didn’t know before. Find and share learning resources. Even collaborate. Apparantly standarized content (Scorm). They differntiate between media pieces and learning resources. There’s a method section – I have to look deeper into this one. There’s a login require.

Wikiversity – I love Wiki’s for teaching so I like Wikiversity. I’m not convinced it will become a Meta-University as mentioned in Tuomis text but I think it could be one way to go. there’s a section on learning material that is quite handy yet not very developed for HEI teaching. I just read about the experiment Moodle on the sandbox server – so yes – the problem with a wiki might be that you don’t have enough features even if it’s an elaborated one.


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